xTool Launches New P2 Intelligent 55W CO2 Laser Cutter
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xTool Launches New P2 Intelligent 55W CO2 Laser Cutter

Sep 04, 2023

Laser cutters are very versatile tools that fit well into the maker workflow, but many manufacturers neglect the prosumer market. xTool made a name for themselves in recent years by accommodating that market with high-quality, user friendly options. Now they're launching their most powerful and intelligent machine yet: the xTool P2 Smart Desktop 55W CO2 Laser Cutter.

The new xTool P2 caters to makers and small businesses that need a professional-level laser cutter, but that don't want to make the jump up to expensive and cumbersome industrial machines. It has a powerful 55W CO2 laser, large working area, and a host of smart features that make tricky jobs easier than ever before.

Out of the box, the xTool P2 has a generous bed size of 680×360mm with a working area of 600×308mm and a max work piece height of 64mm. But users can expand that with a riser that allows for work pieces up to 215mm thick and an innovative conveyor pass-through system to handle very long work pieces. A rotary axis attachment further increases the flexibility of the machine.

The smart features make the new xTool P2 more capable than other laser cutters in its class. It comes equipped with two 16MP cameras: one for close-up shots and one for scanning the entire work area. Together, the cameras can help users position toolpaths and avoid the hassle of setting origins; a user can place the work piece anywhere on the bed, then use the cameras to position cuts over the material. In the batch operation mode, the software recognizes multiple identical work pieces and duplicates the cuts across them. The P2 can also scan the surface of 3D objects to create a height map that ensures the laser always maintains the proper focus.

Several safety features make the xTool P2 safe to use — even inside the home. The machine has a built-in water cooling system for the laser tube, a full enclosure with an electronic lock on the lid, and a large emergency stop button. Users have the option to add an air filtration system that eliminates fumes.

An air assist system helps the P2 cut through thick materials, so it can handle acrylic up to 20mm thick or black walnut up to 18mm thick in a single pass. It can engrave bitmaps at speeds up to 600mms/s and vectors at up to 250mm/s. The intuitive control panel lets users see job progress and the status of the laser cutter.

xTool P2 owners will have the option to use xTool Creative Space (XCS) software and take advantage of all of the smart features, or popular third-party LightBurn software if they're accustomed to that environment.

If you want the new xTool P2, it is available for pre-order right now on the xTool website. The first batch of 100 orders will ship out to US customers on June 22nd, and to Australian and Canadian customers between June 22nd and June 30th. Customers can purchase the xTool P2 by itself, or one of the packages that include accessories like the Automatic Conveyor Feeder and the RA2 Pro rotary axis.