xTool F1: Engraving laser in compact format
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xTool F1: Engraving laser in compact format

Oct 23, 2023

There are different ways to live out your creative streak. One that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of laser engraving machines. While a few years ago these were only reserved for professionals due to their high initial costs and cumbersome use, they are now slowly but surely making their way to the masses. The xTool F1 is a model that aims to score points above all with its accessibility and portability. According to its own specifications, the device from xTool wants to hold its own against the competition as the fastest portable IR and diode laser engraver. We give you a closer look at this promising piece of creative technology.

The first big selling point can be seen at first glance. Compared to many of the competition’s models, the xTool F1 looks surprisingly small. According to the manufacturer, however, this should in no way diminish the performance of the device. After all, the manufacturer emphasizes that this is the fastest portable IR and diode laser engraver on the market. The results are supposed to score especially in terms of resolution and detail. The basis is a so-called galvanometer laser.

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This consists of 10 W of strong blue light and 2 W of strong infrared light. This makes it easy to engrave more than 300 materials. But the xTool F1 also scores points away from engraving. The power ensures that you can also cut common processing materials. With an engraving accuracy of 0.00199 mm, it not only works with pleasing precision. The maximum speed of 4000 mm/s also ensures that you get fast results.

With a speed of 4000 mm/s, the xTool F1 works pleasingly fast. Within seconds, you can have vector graphics conjured up here on a variety of substrates. More complex images with grids also only take a few minutes. The combination of a 10 W blue light and a 2 W infrared light laser celebrates a premiere with the xTool F1. After all, this was not previously available in any other laser engraving machine.

As a result, you can use the laser to print on over 500 different materials. These include wood, acrylic, leather, ceramics, aluminum, and even precious metals like gold or silver. You can even engrave exotic surfaces such as bones, stones or mirrors using the machine. Apart from that, cutting is also possible with many materials without any problems. Not only can you cut wood up to a thickness of 8 mm. On top of that, acrylic can be cut up to a thickness of 5 mm.

However, a high working speed ultimately only pays off if the result is also impressive. The xTool F1 operates with an accuracy of 0.00199 mm. In combination with the ultra-fine lines that the lasers can draw, even tiny letters and vector graphics can be reproduced with pin-sharp precision. Entire images are in turn engraved at up to 1270 dpi, enabling HD quality engraving images. Operating the xTool F1 is very convenient thanks to its high compatibility. So you can operate the engraving machine in combination with the in-house software xTool Creative Space on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Furthermore, it can be used with various accessories. An enlargement of the working area to 115 mm x 400 mm is possible by means of a carriage extension. You can engrave cylindrical surfaces using the 2 Pro rotary attachment. With the help of the matching air cleaner, you can also ensure pleasantly clean work and prevent excessive smoke formation. The triangular prismatic cutting plate ensures an even cleaner cutting result.

Compared to other laser engraving machines, the xTool F1 may offer a smaller working area. But many users will certainly be happy to accept this drawback. After all, thanks to its compact dimensions and practical carrying handle, the 4.6 kg device can always be used wherever you need it. The aforementioned carriage extension can also be used to extend the working area if necessary. It’s not just portability that makes the xTool F1 a user-friendly laser.

On top of that, the device proves to be extremely smart in many aspects, which results in high ease of use. The best example is certainly the automatic laser movement. You can either set the thickness of the material in the software or via a rotary control. Based on your input, the laser moves to the right spot fully automatically. On top of that, the practical sliding flap ensures a lot of safety. This should especially please newcomers to the field, as working with lasers for the first time can sometimes seem intimidating.

Want to make personalized gifts for your loved ones or just let your creative streak run wild? Then a laser engraving machine is a great way to do it. If ease of use and portability are important to you, the xTool F1 is definitely worth a look.

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