Rapid City Public Library opens laser engraver to the public, see it in action
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Rapid City Public Library opens laser engraver to the public, see it in action

Jul 07, 2023

RAPID CITY, S.D. - The Rapid City Public Library has many things that you would expect to find in a library. Books available to check out, research guides, computers and very helpful librarians.

One thing you might not expect that is actually available; fully functioning lasers.

The Rapid City Public Library is always working to develop their public programs and one of those areas is their Makerspace. The Makerspace holds many resources that are available to the public including 3D printers, vinyl printing and cutting, large format printing, lamination and more. Newly added to that is a laser cutting and engraving machine.

NewsCenter1's Tyler Mathieson went down to check out and capture the process. Makerspace librarian Jim Leuthold was on hand to lend Tyler a hand and answer his questions. Scroll to the bottom of the article to see the new laser engraver in action.

Leuthold said that if someone wanted to get something engraved, it would cost $5 per print and then the cost of materials. If you brought your own wood, acrylic or anodized aluminum the cost would be limited to the printing fee.

Jim added that things engraved at the library would make great gifts. The intention behind the Makerspace is to give the public access to tools that might have a prohibitive cost to them.

If you would like to have something engraved, bring a copy of the file you have in mind on a USB drive. Leuthold said that the best file type to bring is a Scalable Vector Graphics file or SVG file. He added that any image file should work, however.

Leuthold added that the library staff is happy to help you lay out the design for your project but that they are librarians and not graphic designers so try to bring in your project completed.

Make sure that you set aside at least an hour to have something engraved and remember that they laser engraver, like all of the other tools in the Makerspace, is first come first serve. The printing will usually only take around two and a half minutes, however the set up can be a longer process.

The Makerspace is scheduled to be open during the regular hours of the library but staffing shortages may cause it to be closed at times.