Fluoramics Offers Industrial Greases and Lubricants for CNC Machines and Robotics
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Fluoramics Offers Industrial Greases and Lubricants for CNC Machines and Robotics

Sep 10, 2023

Fluoramics is a leading provider of industrial greases, lubricants, and corrosion control products for the welding and metal fabrication industry. They offer a complete line of products for CNC plasma cutting tables, CNC routers, CNC lathe milling equipment, CO2 laser engravers, automation, robotics, and CAD/CAM and CNC machinery.

Routine maintenance and lubrication of machines are crucial for smooth operation, extended equipment life, and the prevention of expensive failures. By using the right lubricants in the right places at the right time, friction-prone parts can move smoothly with less wear. Fluoramics’ products help with this maintenance and lubrication, ensuring the optimal performance of robotics, 3D printers, and fabrication machines.

One of their featured products is Tufoil Compu-Lube, a lightweight synthetic oil designed specifically for robotics, 3D printers, computer fans, and high-speed mechanisms. It lubricates, cleans, and helps prevent rust, making it ideal for fine bearings, guide rails, gears, and other moving parts. Compu-Lube is safe to use with electronics and electromechanical devices.

Fluoramics also offers Chain, Wire & Cable lubricant, which protects against corrosion on chain drives and rails on cutting devices such as plasma, waterjet, laser, and CNC cutters. It is available in spray cans, quart, and gallon jugs.

For high-temperature environments, Fluoramics offers High Temperature Spindle Grease, a stable and odorless lubricant based on PTFE and soluble molybdenum. It reduces friction and wear between moving parts and is available in various packages and sizes, including a grease cartridge compatible with a standard grease gun.

For CNC devices with electronic auto lubrication, Fluoramics’ Tufoil for Industrial Use is recommended. It reduces wear, noise, vibrations, and friction, improves production efficiency, and cuts downtime. It also lowers operating temperatures, extends oil-drain intervals, and speeds up production.

Fluoramics has been providing lubricants, corrosion control, and thread sealant products to the welding and metal fab industries for over 50 years. Their products are engineered to work safely with gases and harsh chemicals. For more information about their products, you can contact Fluoramics by calling +1 507 205 9216 or visiting their website.