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Say hello to xTool F1

Sep 14, 2023

Laser engravers are quickly becoming the “other” hobbyist home gadgets, closerly following the popularity of 3D printers. And for a good reason, because a quality laser engraver can help decorate tons of various things pretty quickly. Not to mention, that it can also serve as a precision laser cutter for your conevnience. And today we want to take a look at one such model, that is quite special. Because xTool F1 is the fastest portable IR & diode laser engraver with tons of perks and upside. So let’s take a closer look.

xTool F1 is equipped with a revolutionary galvanometer laser with 10W 455nm blue and 2W 1064nm infrared light. The engraving speed can reach staggering 4000 mm/s, so completing vector images take mere seconds and raster ones only minutes. With 0.00199mm motion accuracy and 0.03*0.03mm compression spots you will be able to engrave in extreme detail and clarity, up to 1270 dpi images. And with the support of 300+ materials, including quite some uncommon like bones mirrors or marbles, you won’t be limited in your creativity. The cutting power is notjing to scoff at as well and can handle up to 8mm wood and 5mm acrylic.

The laser engraver is super easy to use and in just few quick steps you are ready to roll, Live preview option with up to 10.000 mm/s using the framing light eventually auto or knob focus adjustments are a nice touch as well. And with the use of the xTool Creative space on desktops, tablets and phones you will be able able to unleash your creative spirit fully. Safety is always the main concern as well and xTool F1 is doing its best at this front too. Thanks to the Enclosed Protective Shield you will protect your eyes and hands, while special Smoke Exhaust Hole will eat all the annoying smoke.

You can also add some handy accessories to the machine, further enhancing the effectiveness and scope of work. Like the Slide Extension providing extra work space (115x400mm), Rotary Attachment 2 Pro for 4 forms of cylinder engraving, Air Purifier for cleaner workspace or Triangular Prism Cutting Panel for cleaner cutting finish. The choice is purely yours.

xTool F1 is really the perfect portable laser engraver machine, which you can bring literally anywhere. No more bulky gadgets eating up the space. You can get it curently for the final price of just $1437.07. Thanks to the promo discount of $80 for all offers over $999. This offer is valid only for the US store and only until June 22nd PDT with the coupon xToolPartner. So make sure to catch it in time.

xTool, a distinguished subsidiary of Makeblock, the globally recognized coding robot manufacturer and educational solutions provider, was conceived with a profound passion and a singular vision. To simplify and safeguard the process of creative expression for children. Established in 2018, xTool unveiled its inaugural Laserbox in 2019, marking the commencement of our enduring commitment to transforming imagination into tangible creations with ease and enjoyment. xTool has grown rapidly and has become a well-known brand of laser cutting and engraving machines. It is the best-selling brand in the field of laser cutting and engraving on Amazon in 2022. Their aspiration at xTool is to furnish creators, artisans, and educators with a robust software platform. Coupled with secure, sophisticated, and user-friendly hardware to facilitate boundless creative exploration. You can find more about them at the official website.